Olympic Torch Route - Isle of Wight

On Saturday 14th July 2012, The Olympic Torch will be visiting the Isle of Wight.


The Olympic flame is due to travel throughout the UK on it's 70 day Journey to London 2012. Infact, the British people have been assured that the torch "will come within 10 miles of 95% of people in the UK, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey." From 19th May - 27th July 2012, the Olympic torch will be kept alight, being carried by foot and vehicle (and ferry over to us of course!) by 8,000 different torchbearers. 

Arriving at Yarmouth, via the Wightlink Ferry, the Isle of Wight leg of the Olympic Torch's journey will begin at 12.44pm. It will travel along to Alum Bay, passing through Totland on the way to The Needles Park for a ride on the famous chairlift, then returning back to Yarmouth, before making it's way to Newport and finally up to East Cowes. The Isle of Wight will wave goodbye to the Olympic flame at 4.05pm, when it will return back to mainland England on the Red Funnel Ferry to Southampton. 

Thank you to the Isle of Wight Council, who have have issued these handy Olympic Tourch Route maps, detailing the route further. Further info can be found here.

The official London 2012 organisers encourage everyone to get involved and 'Line the Streets' to support this exciting event. Please do come and join us on the Isle of Wight on this special day!

Check out the Olympic Torch Relay so far, with thanks to the London2012 YouTube Channel.

It has been 64 years since we last hosted the Olympics. London 1948 was the last time... but of course things were a little different then. Britiain was still facing post-war rationing. Building materials were not readily available and London was still recovering from air-raids. However, having been cancelled in 1944, London was determined to get back on it's feet and with only 2 years to plan, the Olympics went ahead.

London 2012 however has been in planning for 8 years. There will be Olympic sports events taking place in various venues in the UK, including nearby in Weymouth, Dorset. However, the majority of the activities will be based in London. If you are planning on visiting London for the Olympics - check out My Guide London!