Freshwater and Totland, Isle of Wight

Freshwater and Totland

Situated within 'West Wight', Freshwater and the smaller village of Totland next door may at first seem to be mainly a residential area. However, the area boasts some real little gems and plenty of holiday accommodation from which to be able to enjoy them. On the westerly tip of the island, the beaches have fantastic views both over The Solent and the English Channel. Freshwater Bay is stunning, often featured on postcards and selected as an excellent landscape help to promote the Isle of Wight. The Needles Park at Alum Bay provides entertainment for all the family including chidren's rides, a chair lift down to the cove and a bus or boat ride along to the Isle of Wight's most famous landmark, 'The Needles'. Take a walk in the National Trust's Area Of Natural Outstanding Beauty, along Tennyson Down to see the Needles from the cliff top, stopping by at The Needles Old & New Battery for a fascinating journey back in time. Check out Things to Do page to see what else the area has to offer. 

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