Cycling Adventures: Explore the Isle of Wight's Scenic Routes

Isle of Wight

Embark on thrilling bike rides with captivating natural views

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1. Challenge Yourself on the 'Round the Island' Route

Embark on a thrilling cycling challenge by tackling the 'Round the Island' bike route on the Isle of Wight. This 65-mile scenic route takes you on a journey around the entire circumference of the island, offering breathtaking coastal views, charming villages, and historic landmarks. It's the perfect adventure for experienced cyclists looking for a full-day expedition.


2. Discover the Picturesque Tennyson Trail

Follow in the footsteps of the renowned poet Lord Tennyson by cycling along the picturesque Tennyson Trail. This 14-mile off-road trail meanders through beautiful countryside, woodlands, and open fields, providing a tranquil and immersive cycling experience. It's ideal for riders of all levels who appreciate nature and poetry.


3. Explore the Historic Newport - Cowes Trail

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Isle of Wight by cycling along the Newport to Cowes trail. This 12-mile route takes you through the island's capital, Newport, and continues to the famed yachting town of Cowes. Along the way, you'll encounter historical landmarks, including Carisbrooke Castle and the remains of Norris Castle.


4. Cycle Through Nature Reserves on the Medina Estuary Trail

Savor the tranquility of the Isle of Wight's nature reserves by cycling along the Medina Estuary trail. This scenic 8-mile route takes you through marshlands and wetlands teeming with birdlife, offering a unique opportunity to appreciate the island's diverse ecosystems up close. It's a must-visit trail for nature enthusiasts.


5. Admire the Quaint Villages on the Godshill and Shanklin Trail

Immerse yourself in the charm of the Isle of Wight's quaint villages by cycling along the Godshill and Shanklin trail. This 5-mile route is dotted with picturesque thatched cottages, historic churches, and a bustling old village. It's a leisurely ride that offers a glimpse into the island's rural beauty.


6. Discover Hidden Gems on the Eastern Yar Trail

Uncover hidden treasures and natural landscapes by cycling along the Eastern Yar trail. This 10-mile route takes you through rolling hills, picturesque meadows, and enchanting forests, offering a peaceful and serene experience. Keep an eye out for the enchanting Yar Estuary and the stunning Arreton Valley.


7. Ride Along the Culver Cliff Top Trail

Glide along the Culver Cliff Top trail for breathtaking coastal panoramas and unspoiled beauty. This 4-mile route is relatively short but offers unparalleled views of the English Channel and the rugged cliffs of Culver Down. It's an easily accessible trail with a rewarding scenery.


8. Cycle Through History on the Yarmouth to Freshwater Trail

Embark on a historical cycling journey along the Yarmouth to Freshwater trail. This 6-mile route takes you through a delightful mix of coastal and woodland paths, passing ancient sites like Fort Victoria, Yarmouth Castle, and the Dimbola Museum. It's a captivating ride for history buffs.


9. Escape to the Scenic Ventnor - St. Catherine's Point Route

Indulge in the natural beauty of the Isle of Wight on the Ventnor to St. Catherine's Point route. This 8-mile journey offers stunning cliff-top vistas, charming bays, and a chance to explore the enchanting Ventnor Botanic Gardens. It's a refreshing and invigorating cycling experience.


10. Pedal Through East Cowes and Osborne House

Discover the royal heritage of the Isle of Wight by cycling from East Cowes to Osborne House. This 5-mile route takes you past the grand East Cowes Castle, the beautiful Swiss Cottage, and culminates in a visit to Queen Victoria's beloved Osborne House. It's a regal and fascinating ride.